Moe is short for my full name Motenia, pronounced mo-TEE-na. So, where did I get name Motenia? It's actually a great story! I am named after my grandfather Captain Moten Stanley. He was a riverboat captain on the Ohio, Kanawha and Mississippi Rivers.

Throughout my career I have found that I have great skills for this profession--I am outgoing and optimistic, I love to meet new people and some even say I'm magic! Yep. That's Moe's Magic, my ability to amaze clients with feats of real estate agent strength… like the time I met with a couple and sold their house in 4 hours!

I believe everyone comes to me for a reason and I am determined to do a great job! Exceeding expectations is a goal! I love a good challenge. I started at Re/Max in 1993. In 2000, I received The Hall Of Fame Award. I received my Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007, which was for 1000 closings! I love my office, staff, and co-workers. I have been there over 15 years now.

I absolutely love kids, animals and being outside. My husband and I live in Golden and my office is in Lakewood. We have made many friends and love being in Colorado.

I moved to Colorado in 1982 and have made it my home. I have three awesome daughters who make me very proud! My oldest is married and living close by. My middle daughter is attending Mesa State College. My youngest is in 10th grade.

My hobbies consist of gardening, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and jogging. Every year I do the Race for the Cure. In 2004, I did the Danskin triathlon. I like to start my days early, before anyone is awake! I spend the quiet early morning hours practicing yoga and trail hiking. I feel that my family and my clients reap the rewards of my peaceful morning routines.