Moe helped me buy a condo in the Denver area as an investment. I live in another state and was referred to her from a friend who has used her to buy 2 condos. I met with her once while visiting the Denver area. After our initial meeting, we looked at some listings and she immediately got a feel of what exactly I was looking for. I left home and she kept me in the loop with everything! She’d call me after looking at a property, send me photos and a virtual tour of the property. Moe looked all over Denver for me until she found the one that was “Just Right!” As soon as we closed on my condo, she went to town getting it cleaned/painted and ready to rent. She provided me with a list of things that needed to be done and I just went with it. She did a great job getting a vendors together for deep cleaning, duct work, carpet cleaning, painting and a handy man for the honey-do’s. Once it was all done, she staged the property and sent me some photos she took for my rental ad I was to post on the internet. She definitely went above and beyond what should be expected from a real estate agent.

Denver, CO

 "Thank you Moe and the entire MRD Team for your dedication and continued patience in selling my home at Cape St., words cannot express how thankful I am!"

Lakewood, CO

Moe is the consummate professional who is not afraid to kick off her high heels and mop a floor to satisfy her fastidious standards. She sold our 100 year old home that we had lived in for 28 years. She guided us through the emotional (on our end) selling process with honesty and integrity.She was ALWAYS there to improve or correct any negative detail a potential buyer might see. Moe will call you with good news, bad news and "no" news just to make sure you're okay and understand where you are in the process. If you want "hands on" from a realtor who REALLY cares about you and your property, Moe will deliver "Hope".

Grant & Bunny Gordon
Wheat Ridge, CO

"Motenia, you were much more than my real estate agent.  You became a friend who worked as my advocate and adviser through all phases of my home.  From selecting properties which met my criteria, to facilitating my mortgage, to recommending furniture stores.  You were an absolute delight to work with!"
Linda Lukaszka
Lakewood, CO

We have done business with Motenia for several years.  As a business woman we have found her honesty, knowledge, and intuition of the highest standard."
John & Ruth Kilbey
Arvada, CO

I feel it necessary to communicate the high level of excellence and commitment to my cause performed by Mrs. Deaver During the entire process, she never failed to demonstrate tremendous professionalism and knowledge of the real estate business. Her patience and ability to always keep me up to date on what was happening, allowed me to put a great deal of trust in her."

Arvada, CO

Show stoppers certainly don't stop Motenia! Between her outright knowledge and invincible character, I don't think anything can stop her. She cares very personally for her clients. Motenia is a rock - and definitely one in a million
Jackie Gonzales
Littleton, CO

"Thank you for your message. What a struggle! You are so reliable, efficient and organized;You do not lose your sense of humor as you have a cheerful heart. I know that my mother would be very pleased that the daughter and son-in-law of good friends will now be living in the house. We feel so connected with you. You did a wonderful job handling everything and keeping me informed. Any time you would like to visit Germany you are most welcome. We would enjoy having you as our guest. There are lots of nice things to see and do in Germany and we would be very pleased to show you around. Please, keep in touch. All the best and a wonderful weekend!"

Charlotte & Peter

Not only will Moe be a negotiator and your "agent", she will be your friend. And counselor, and mediator, and listener. Maybe even a marriage counselor if things get stressful! She is sweet and loving, but will also be your bulldog when you need someone on your side. We are thankful we found Moe when we did and thankful she stood by us with patience and love through our two transactions, we needed her wisdom and guidance! If you want a stone-cold, all-business realtor, Moe is not for you. If you want a warm and personal atmosphere to buy and sell your home, she's your girl. Moe and the team she's assembled will never make you feel like you are one of a list of clients, you will always feel number one. Thank you Moe for what you've done for our little family, thank you for a memorable sale and purchase!! We love you

Nick & Ginny

Golden, CO