Sell Property

Of course, it's important to have a Realtor who knows today's market, but isn't it more valuable to have an agent who understands a changing market?  Not every Realtor knows how to ride the ups and downs of the housing marketplace, but I do!  When I list your home my years of experience will help us strategize to get the most out of your house.

I've got a knack for pricing your home right.  In fact, before I became an agent, I started out in appraising school… until my teacher told me my personality would be perfect for the real estate biz.  She was right.  I love people, but I find my laser-sharp appraisal skills come in pretty handy.  The right price the first time means a faster sell and I'm pretty spot-on with pricing.

Selling is all about strategy.  I have some simple hints to get your home moving in the marketplace… like staging--the art of making your home look its most attractive.  I've had education in staging and will be glad to help you professionally stage your home.  I also have 10 years experience in Feng Shui, for those of you who want or need it in your lives.  I've had many people who cannot believe the results!  My consultation is free and fun!

7 Steps to Selling you House!

  1. Are you Ready to Sell?
  2. Select a Realtor
  3. Determining the Listing Price
  4. Marketing Your Home
  5. FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Negotiating/Accepting the Offer
  7. Closing / Move Out

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